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Blog 8

Issue No. 8

American Factory Direct

January 5th, 2023

AFD’s Style of the Year 2023

2022 has wrapped up, and 2023 is finally here. It’s a new year, so it’s time for a new style! New Year’s resolutions mean change, from personal changes to interior design trends! With this in mind, we’ve turned to our in-store designers and stylists for the upcoming pieces and styles.

Here are some sneak peeks on what to expect from American Factory Direct this year:

1. Textures and Art Deco

This year, we are taking inspiration from the past. This means it is time to pull the industry favorite of being bold with textures and balance.

If you’re looking for your room to pop but don’t know what you’re missing, we have the answer! It’s most likely texture! Texture adds a “visual weight” to the room, which allows the sofa or chair to draw attention to itself just based on style. It's the power of texture.

Rough texture tends to pull a heavier weight, bringing a cozy and comfortable space, while a smooth texture transforms the space to a sleek and clean look. You can even add these two different textures next to each other to emphasize the weightier option. While the rough, uneven texture will stand out, it creates a new sense of balance, too!

2. Calming Neutrals and Natural Inspiration

Neutrals are still very in style this upcoming year, which can balance out any of the color of the years you might want to try! We are seeing a bold canvas for 2023’s color of the year. AFD has prepared calming neutrals and natural inspirations to pair well with this color palette.

3. Our Color is Navy!

To add a bit of juxtaposition to any rooms not bringing in this year’s bold colors, we are expecting lots of navy! Add navy to add contrast to any room. Adding navy to any greys, whites or linens is loved by designers and consumer alike. Larger pieces in bold colors is the way to go!

4. Saying YES to Curves!

We’re moving away from the straight lines and towards arches and nooks great for highlighting artwork. While American Factory Direct cannot reconstruct your home, we are ordering pieces to participate in this interior design trend in other ways!

Rounded dining tables recall retro styles and bring the attention to itself--and you can even add a curved dining chair to match!

We’re going beyond dining and adding curved chairs, sofas and more to give you linear movement in all rooms!

What better start to the new year than checking off some of your design resolutions with American Factory Direct!