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American Factory Direct is the Perfect Furniture Store for You, and Here is Why

You’ve just bought a home, rented an apartment, built a new home, refreshed your space, redecorated...

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Prepare to Fall in Love with Our New Fall Décor!

With the winds becoming cooler, rain more often, and our favorite Halloween movies beginning to play...

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Sleep on Our Mattresses—Don’t Sleep on Buying One

“I’ll sleep on it and get back to you later,” says the common guest. You mull it over, think it over, sleep on it—whatever your saying may be, it is always good to...

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Thankfully, We’ve Prepared a List of Great Tables for Thanksgiving!

A holiday based around family gatherings, memories, recipes and being grateful for one another, Thanksgiving is...

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Autumn 2022 Trends

As you roll out your pumpkins to decorate your home spaces for the Fall Season, you might be interested in...

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5 Ways to Decorate a Dough Bowl for the Holidays!

Dating back to the 19th century, Dough Bowls were an everyday essential, assisting families across Europe...

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Financing Isn't So Spooky!

Don’t be spooked. Financing allows you to make the home of your dreams and pay over a longer period of time...

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AFD’s Style of the Year 2023

2022 has wrapped up, and 2023 is finally here. It’s a new year, so it’s time for a new style! New Year's...

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Facing The Trends

When looking for new furniture or new pieces, the many different options and styles...

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