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Blog 6

Issue No. 6

American Factory Direct

October 4, 2022

5 Ways to Decorate a Dough Bowl for the Holidays!

Dating back to the 19th century, Dough Bowls were an everyday essential, assisting families across Europe to prepare, well, dough for their daily bread. This dough bowl would even be received as a wedding present, carved by their future husband to place in their hope chest. That very dough bowl would then be passed down to the oldest daughter. With each generation, a bit of history—each original and unique—entered into one’s home.

Now in the 21st century, dough bowls have altered their once singularly functional state of holding bread to now being great center pieces for dining or breakfast tables, entryway buffets and more! Although they do have a French rustic appeal, Dough Bowls are great for all interior design styles! The great thing about it is that it can warm up any space with its warm wood tones—especially in spaces that may come across as cold, and they come in different shapes and sizes! If you’re anything like AFD, you love dough bowls! So here are 5 ways to decorate your dough bowls for the upcoming holidays!

1. Greenery is a Fail Safe!

Mrs. Billie Comeaux recommends, “Always begin with greenery to anchor your design.” She says, “Place a variety of fresh or dried vegetables, assorted moss or grape vine balls, etc., and then finish with a touch of candles,” for a moody appearance. If you’re looking to add a bit more warmth to your dough bowl without adding candles, Mrs. Billie recommends battery operated string lights!

2. Bold Pops of Colors using Autumn colors!

Then, to add more to an overall Fall experience, add in a touch of berries or poinsettias for a warm pop of color.

3. Add Pumpkins for Thanksgiving or Halloween!

Add any of our beautiful pumpkins—from neutrals to bold oranges and yellows—and to mix up your textures! It’s all about layering!

4. Natural Elements Always Inspire Winter!

For winter, include branches, snowflakes, or pinecones to cool down your space. You can even match these with your color theme for any winter holiday! This adds a more natural element to your centerpiece!

5. Bring in Your Christmas Colors!

Using some of your ornaments from your Christmas Tree that you have left over along with your choice of garland is sure to bring the Christmas Spirit into your Dough Bowl Center Piece and wow all your guests!

The list goes on and on of things you can add to your dough bowl to really fit your space and your style! Multiple dough bowls across your home can help tie in the theme. Dough bowls go great with dining tables, entryways, bathroom counters, cocktail tables, and even your bedroom! You can find all of these dough bowl options and the accessories at AFD today!