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Blog 4

Issue No. 4

American Factory Direct

September 20th, 2022

Thankfully, We’ve Prepared a List of Great Tables for Thanksgiving!

A holiday based around family gatherings, memories, recipes and being grateful for one another, Thanksgiving is a holiday like no other! With such a large event, lots of preparation and coordination are required, so you do not want to skip over the most important aspect of Thanksgiving, which is having enough room for your family and friends to gather around—and of course, to have space for the largest feast of the year! As you prepare your ovens and recipe books for the holiday, here is a list of tables made to meet all of your gathering needs—from Thanksgiving to beyond!

Style and Ambience

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the table is that you will like the style and design outside of the fall and winter seasons. When shopping for your perfect Thanksgiving table at AFD, take your style preferences into consideration! This includes traditional or modern, rustic or farmhouse, rounded or oval looks — whatever your style might be! Don’t be afraid to show your sales representative your Thanksgiving Pinterest board, either. They will be more than happy to help you find your aesthetic in time for the holidays and even point you in direction on how to style your table for different holidays! A great fit for all seasons is the Brook Round Dining Table with its dark tabletop finish. It is brilliant for contrasting lighter colors and warming up the space with the orange from the pumpkins and greenery (Need inspiration? Our Fall Blog has wonderful ideas, along with some of our own Fall Décor)! Along with being round, the Brook’s leaf extends the shape into an oval and allows for more space for those hosting smaller, more intimate gatherings for their Thanksgivings!

For those looking for more of a traditional table, the Hooker Chatelet Dining Set provides lots of customizable options from its splatback chairs with scrolled detailing to its fretback chairs with intricate details in the middle of the chair. While still sporting the traditional cabriole legs and shaped apron, the Iberville with its two leaves provides a two-toned look of a white base finish and a wood-toned top.

For those who enjoy a more rustic appeal, the Arandas is your perfect match for the holidays. While warming up your home in its wood tones, the Arandas Solid Wood Dining Set is offered in both regular height and counter height with bench seating! Bench seating is a great opportunity to bring people a bit closer together to express their thankfulness to one another while enjoying their meal.

Functionality and Sizing

The next step once you have your style down is to make sure you have enough space for you and your family or friends to gather around! What happens when those extended family members leave after the holiday is over? With leaf extensions, you will be able to decrease the size of your table to make it the perfect size for your every-day life after the feast has ended and the turkey has been stuffed away in your bellies. (For more on Leaf Extentions, check out our blog here!) Tables like the Mirabelle by Bernhardt starts at a width of 84”, but with it’s two leaves, it can extend your table to 124” and comfortably seat 12 guests. It offers a scrolled legged base for those who enjoy the more traditional side of life, with adjustable glides and a cotton finish that welcomes the cool tones of Autumn and Winter trends of 2022!

In functionality, the St. Angelo Dining Set is a great round table that allows for a more intimate setting. While still large in size, there is no peeking around individuals to speak to one another. You can see everyone in your desired spot at the table, and you can fit your turkey and your centerpiece perfectly!

The Shaw Dining Set by Bernhardt, while not having leaves, still offers a sense of functionality with its seats that feature non-marring heavy-duty casters, allowing you to interact your guest and to join in on all conversations around the table. Even more, the chairs provide back support, while also being comfortable with its upholstery. Some might be hesitant with fabric chairs, especially when it comes to eating! However, these chairs are high performance and an easy clean! If that doesn’t convince you, AFD offers a 5-year protection plan that protects from accidental stains and more (Check it out here!)

Whatever your style or functionality needs may be, AFD will help you find the perfect Thanksgiving table so that you have a place for all of your guests! So indulge yourself and shop your Thanksgiving table at American Factory Direct, where we are always thankful for you.