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Blog 14

Issue No. 14

American Factory Direct

September 8th, 2023

Pumpkins and Platters: Timeless Classics in Fall Décor

While in Louisiana the leaves may not be starting to fall and there is certainly no crisp breeze dancing through the air, the enchanting season is still just around the corner. Because we don’t always get to experience the outdoor wonders of the season, it may be even more fun for us to try to encompass the beauty of fall within our homes. Amidst the everchanging trends of the season, there are two timeless elements that will always hold the power to transform any space into an autumnal, cozy haven: pumpkins and platters. Pumpkins give your space the recognizable look of the season while platters provide the undeniable feel. The combination gives the perfect atmosphere for any and all occasions, from hosting dinner parties to seasonally themed movie nights, and everything in between.

Pumpkins are the quintessential symbols that come to mind when we think of fall. These versatile gourds possess an inherent charm that can be seamlessly incorporated into various decor styles. From rustic farmhouse to modern minimalism, pumpkins effortlessly find their place in diverse settings while also allowing you to be unique in your use of them. The beauty lies not only in their variety of sizes but also in their rich array of colors – from deep oranges and muted creams to sage greens and soft greys. This natural color palette is mimicked in a large variety of decorative pumpkins through American Factory Direct showrooms. Mix and match both the colors and fabric of these pumpkins to create a visual mosaic that captures the essence of fall's color and texture palettes. Recreate the arrangements that we’ve showcased or use them to inspire you to create your own unique mosaic by mixing the plush pumpkins with the harder gourds or the corn husk roped pumpkins. Arrange them directly on your tables, counters, and bookshelves, or pick out any of our large bowls to place them in, ranging from rustic dough bowls to modern white and gold dishes. Pumpkins are the perfect centerpieces for your dining table as well as your cocktail table as you seamlessly design your space to host extravagant dinner parties as well as cozy movie nights.

Since hosting is always an important part of the harvest season, platters, with their ability to beautifully display an array of delights, become essential elements of fall decor. Whether it's a wooden charcuterie board or a delicate porcelain platter, these pieces add a touch of sophistication to your table settings. Add your favorite seasonal comfort foods or desserts to any platter. Caramel-dipped apples, spiced nuts, and miniature pumpkin pies make a beautiful display when arranged on one of our boards. To add an extra layer of charm, purchase any of our seasonal foliage stems and place them in a fall vase, like above, or arranged around and on the platter to add dimension to your display.

The true magic happens when you combine the charm of pumpkins with the utility of platters. For dinner parties, recreate this fall landscape on your own dining table: our gold and glass platter laden with this cluster of mini decorative pumpkins and your own freshly baked goods with the matching serving dish filled with a hearty fall casserole, ready to serve. For those cozier nights in, recreate this simple fall focal point on your cocktail table with autumn themed treats and drinks surrounding the display. These arrangements transform your space into a cozy fall retreat, inviting loved ones to gather and indulge in the season's delights. The possibilities are endless when shopping in American Factory Direct showrooms. Come and create your fall haven!