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Blog 13

Issue No. 13

American Factory Direct

March 14th, 2023

Lighting, Greenery & Rugs! Oh My!

Your name is Dorothy. You’ve spent all your life wanting more and more, but have you considered that what you are missing is accessories? Somewhere over the rainbow in Covington, Lafayette, Long Beach and Baton Rouge you’ll find the unique American Factory Direct!

With many different styles and items spread across our showrooms, if you see an accessory that draws your eye, pick it up and bring it around the store with you to see how it looks with the furniture pieces! You already bought with us? Great! Find the piece you already have and bring that lamp over to see how it looks on that end table!

For others, it isn’t as easy as walking in and immediately seeing the rug of their dreams. They don’t know where to start even though they may have a vision in mind because our home may look a little different than the one in our pictures. It could be a smaller space, a darker wall, too much room even. What then? There are three things that I want to really hone in on here that many make the mistake of ignoring.


Lighting is key! Although often skimmed, it is something people don’t realize that they really need that new Novo Table Lamp. Having different lighting throughout the home is important to accent certain areas. Furniture, fabric, texture and even color can look completely different under a change of lighting. A warm glow will set a different mood than a soft white bulb.

You don’t want the lighting to be too intense, just as you do not want all of the same height in your fixtures. Try out the French Panel Sconce to vary ambiances. Don’t ignore it just because it seems like the last item on your accessories list!


As you take your step down the yellow brick road that led you to American Factory Direct, do not underestimate greenery. Matching all colors is something our adult minds tend to tell us to do, but having a pop of color is crucial to any room—it adds a heart, a brain, and some courage.

What better to bring that pop of color and a freshness of the outside world (even if it is fake) than greenery! There are so many options when it comes to this type of accessory too! At AFD, we have a variety of options for greenery, which doesn’t even have to be green. Any floral pieces can do so much for a room, such as adding warmth!


You have bought your lighting and your greenery, but as we step into a forest—you come across… Rugs! They can be intimidating. A rug is like a piece of furniture, honestly. Size in a rug has to be one of the most important features.

A good tip to follow is the rug should be at least 12 to a maximum of 18 inches past the furniture that is sitting on it. In a dining room or even in a living room with multiple pieces around the rug, the back of the leg to the end of the rug should be that same amount as well. From the wall, you want to make sure it is at least 6-8 inches away or you might as well purchase carpet.

The point of all of this is to say, when you don’t know which path to take, American Factory Direct can change the spooky forests of lighting, greenery and rugs (oh my!) into a well-lit wonderland that you can take a stroll through. It can be your start and your finish. Don’t be afraid to reach out or come in store. We are here to make your house a home. Don’t find yourself faced in a storm of confusion and frustration (no longer in Kansas, Todo). Let us help you crush that wicked witch of a thought with your home accessories!