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Blog 12

Issue No. 12

American Factory Direct

February 28th, 2023

What Is Transitional Style?

A dinglehopper straightens human hair; a snarfblatt dates back to prehistorical times when humans used to sit around and stare at each other all day. If you asked Scuttle the Seagal from the Little Mermaid what Transitional Style is, he might give you a combination of these answers. The truth about transitional interior design is that it is two worlds combining (not human and mermaid).

Transitional style welcomes the classic aesthetic appeal of traditional style while offering a more contemporary feel of modern design. Although these two may seem like total opposites, you just need to look at American Factory Direct’s transitional furniture and accessories that create a symmetrical and very flexible space that is exceptionally beautiful above or under the sea. If you aren’t sure what the modern and traditional style is, that’s okay! Check out our blogs on those options here!

Combining two different styles doesn’t look as cluttered as it sounds. In fact, this hybrid style infuses traditional and modern in a way that makes it one cohesive design for your one room or even your entire home. So before you go into any store and just grab one traditional piece and one random modern piece, we need to discuss this style in more length because it is a bit more than just two styles sat next to each other.

Don’t worry though, this information isn’t going to make you feel like you’ve swallowed a bit too much seawater. At American Factory Direct, we make sure that we have these styles available for you in the form of furniture, accessories and accents to make your shopping experience as simple as possible!

Allow us to give you a few examples. The Shaw Bedroom Set is a wonderful transitional piece that combines the traditional upholstery with the cool tones of the modern style.

If you’re leaning on more of the traditional side, the Oxford Collection is perfect for you! It continues the sharp lines of modernism while adding in a subtle rolled arm that you wouldn’t see in a modern styled home.

What if you’ve already bought your bed or sofa from American Factory Direct? Adding the Boheme Square Cocktail Table will allow you to combine the two styles into your living room in one piece! This cocktail table has the fine lines across the top of the table for that modern appeal while adding detailed curves in its legs for the traditional side of things!

But what about accessories? American Factory Direct has whoozits and whatzits galore and maybe a few thingamabobs (like twenty!) A prime example is the Veleda Painting. While having that classic appeal of a painting from the Louvre in Paris, France, it introduces golds and a clutter-less aspect of industrialism from the modern style. Another great piece to add to your home is the Accra I Rug. The sophistication of this gray and gold rug highlights its spotted animal print and brings a familiar and chic style of both modern and traditional into the home, which is the perfect fit to add texture to a room.

For those stuck in a limbo of traditional and modern singing that one day they’ll be part of that world, you no longer have to wait (or give your voice up to a Sea Witch). Instead, go with transitional style and browse these amazing selections in store at our showrooms or even online to have the best of both of these worlds.