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Blog 11

Issue No. 11

American Factory Direct

February 14th, 2023

What Is Modern Style?

Throughout American Factory Direct, we offer many different styles of furniture. We have the maximalist chic yet symmetrical designs of traditional to the sleek and minimalist look of the modern style. Many say that the traditional style is homelier and inviting when comparing the two styles, but they are truly mistaken.

The modern styles that we offer at AFD are more than a simple comfort and always designed for efficiency. Another concern many have is that it doesn’t look homely enough with its minimalist design and bold colors. How do we overcome these worries and fears? We start by defining what the modern style is and how to welcome those pieces into your home.

First things first. What is the modern style? Really, it doesn’t have just one straightforward definition, but it does reflect a specific moment in time. The modern art movement began with the Bauhaus in Germany during the Weimar republic. It is known for its straight lines and metal pieces throughout its architectural design. The artistic style consists of rigid lines and a look that no hand had laid a hand on the furniture. It doesn’t remove the home, but truthfully, it provides so much efficiency by making sure every item in the home is a necessity while also having fun! Personal items, collectibles any of these accessories can be added without adding the clutter and while showing off your personal style.

Finding these pieces can always be a hassle, but here, we have many options for you to choose from! The Julius Bedroom Collection is a very sleek style with cool colors and simple clean lines. The minimalistic appeal falls inline with the cool tones and industrialism of modern design.

Speaking of industrialism, a good fit with the presence of metals is the Harlow Metal Cocktail Table, which will allow you to mix golds and silvers with accessories to place on top and around!

Modern lighting is important to the mood of each room—from the bulb to the actual piece you bring in from AFD. While many in the modern style enjoy open, natural light, we don’t always have the pleasure of a window in the space that we want. How do you manage to overcome that? Varying lamp sizes and other fixture heights can help bring the feel of natural light when natural light isn’t available. The Ashington Globe Floor Lamp is perfect for just that! It has two clear glass globes that vary in height attached to its base while bringing in both the metals and clean lines of modernism! jewel tones.

Even if you don’t want your entire home to reflect this style, people still welcome one or two pieces because it is simple and seems to go along with anything, including the open-floor concepts that are so popular today. It’s okay to play around with different styles too. The next blog will focus on how to mix traditional and modern to make something known as Transitional Style. Until then, take a look around our showrooms at our different locations in Covington, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Long Beach or check out our website to get a glimpse into the true sense of Modern Style.