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Blog 10

Issue No. 10

American Factory Direct

January 31st, 2023

What Is Traditional Style?

A crackling fire, the smell of coffee or tea, and the overwhelming emotion of home is what you would expect stepping into a traditionally designed house. Traditional furniture is usually considered a “style of the past,” but for many, this traditional feel is exactly what a home should feel like.

In today’s blog, we are honing in on the warm, maximalist, and classic feel of all things in the Traditional Interior Design Style.

What does the traditional style look like? Typically, traditional furniture is the curved lines of a carved wooden cocktail table and the rolled arms of a nail head trimmed sofa. It focuses on delicately patterned textures of cotton, wool, velvet or silk. This can also tie in with the colors in furniture and even subtle patterned wallpaper.

Florals, book collections, chandeliers and vases decorate the surrounding environment. This style reflects the 18th and 19th century Europe and echoes history while influencing the present and future generations. The traditional style has used those ideas but neutralized them and mixed them with the contemporary styles of today.

While keeping things neutral, a bold pop of color is usually added in sparingly, thus maintaining harmony and balance throughout the home and creates a sense of symmetry. Everything seems to flow so perfectly with the welcoming color pallets and dark woods that are enhanced with rich jewel tones.

All of those descriptors, though, are nothing without examples. Here at American Factory Direct, we offer several traditional styles that bring that comforting look home. One of our best sellers happens to be the Grandview Sectional. It’s neutral tone and sleek look is perfect for anyone looking for that traditional sense.

Another prime example of a traditional style sofa is our Candace Sofa. Its nail-heads and rolled arms exhibit the peak of traditional furniture with a sheen, blue colored fabric.

A sofa isn’t the only thing you need to include the traditional style in your home. The Brookhaven Oval Cocktail Table has beautifully carved legs, decorated in ornate details and is perfect for any traditional home.

Of course, we also have traditional accessories. Many people underestimate the power of accessories, but one simple inclusion can change the entire mood of the place. Adding the Chatelet Storage Floor Mirror to your home with its distressed and intricate detailed frame is the right move into accessorizing that traditional home of yours.

If you are still confused what traditional style is, consider this as the defining statement. It is a sense of comfort and predictability, which truly reminds anyone that there’s no place like home.