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Facing The Trends
Facing The Trends

When looking for new furniture or new pieces, the many different options and styles may seem overwhelming at first. Many people end up upset and leave with a piece they determine later on that they are not happy with. How do you prevent that?

Honestly, it can be difficult. Trends are always changing, so our taste for d├ęcor may switch from vintage to modern within a span of a few searches on Pinterest. Being happy in your home furnishing, is the key to a first impression, the mood of the home, and how it will fare throughout the years compared to neighbors, family members, and friends. But rebranding your entire home? It can be expensive!

Instead of selling or throwing away that old furniture, accessories will be your new best friend! One or two pieces is all you need to make a room a whole new style! I'm serious! Let me give you an example. Let's say your furniture style from 10 years ago was traditional, and now... so is your entire home, which is great! Swapping out the end tables , coffee tables, and adding different textures in your throw pillows can make any tradition seem brand new!

The proof is in the pudding... or rather, in the picture! With these two gorgeous traditional chairs, our team has added the BLANK end table with a gorgeous coffee table. Suddenly, this once purely one styled home has adapted to handle any future trends with just a few changes.

The good thing is, you can find all of these styles and more by visiting any of our showrooms to get your next ideas for your home!

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